Larry and his crew were extremely professional from start to finish. Every appointment was met with an on time arrival and the job was scheduled and completed as agreed. The quality of workmanship was above expected and any issues that were noted were immediately addressed and corrected.


I cannot say enough about the experience of working with this team—incredibly painless and 100% to my satisfaction. They stayed with even the smallest details until everything was finished (which is very unlike other contractor experiences I’ve had).


Lisa Walsh


Wonderful workmanship, six people have come over to see the new bathroom and they have said it is the best bathroom they have seen. The workmanship is great and first class. What can I say; it is great working with Larry and his crew. Plus the hotel was great! You may come over and see this bathroom because I really feel this is a great company to work with and their work on my bathroom way beyond great.

Betsy Baldwin

We were very happy with the results of our remodel with Harvest Construction. They were very professional throughout the project, and we were pleased with the priority they placed on clean-up after each day's work. The quality of the work was excellent, and I would be happy to recommend Harvest Construction for anyone who is interested in a hight-quality construction project!


Mark & Deirdre Schneider


When we were first contemplating our kitchen and bath remodel, we met Larry at a Home Remodel Show and were impressed with his claim of doing a kitchen remodel in just a few days. I must admit that we were somewhat skeptical of the reality of this claim, but having heard many horror stories of remodels that stretched on for 6-8 weeks, we figured that even if his claim was close to the truth it would be better than any other time estimates that we have been given. Because I have a home office near the remodeled area, I wanted the least amount of chaos possible. In Larry’s initial presentation at our home, I began to see how efficient his method was, a simple concept really—methodical pre-planning and pre-ordering all materials. He is a very detail oriented person, a trait that I came to really appreciate.


One of the things that makes Larry’s process work so well is that he uses many of the same suppliers for the jobs. Because of this, I initially was concerned because I had been planning and researching this remodel for many months and had some ideas of materials that I wanted to use that were not from his regular suppliers. He was willing to work with me to get the materials that I wanted. We ordered some special tile for the backsplash, incorporated some green materials, and brought in a dual flush toilet. He went out of his way to incorporate some finishing touches to molding and window frames to make them match existing trim in our 1910 era house.


He told us he would do the kitchen and bath in 5 days. On Monday morning the demo began and day by day everything progressed like clockwork. I know there were several minor glitches due to those unexpected little things that you always find under the surface of an old house like ours, but the crew took them in stride. Friday afternoon, as promised, the kitchen and bath were finished, with one exception. The special tile that I had requested for the backsplash did not arrive until Friday afternoon, so the backsplash was finished the beginning of the following week. We were able to spend the weekend moving everything back in.


The workmanship of all members of Larry’s crew was excellent. They worked like a well oiled machine. It was quite something to watch. We couldn’t be happier with the final results. Thank you Larry and crew for giving me the kitchen and bath of my dreams!


—Sherry Wissler


Remodel a kitchen and two bathrooms in five days? Yeah, right! That’s what we thought when we read about Harvest Construction in the April 17, 2009, Oregonian Business section. Intrigued, we contacted Steve at Harvest, and began a process that made us believe in the magic.


Like anyone contemplating a remodel project in the five figures, we were apprehensive about the wisdom of the idea, the timing, the cost and of course the contractor. We’d heard all the “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House” horror stories, but from the outset Steve addressed all our concerns with patience and good humor.


After handing Steve a deposit for our project we told him, “Now that you’ve got our money, we hope you enjoy the Mexican vacation.” We all laughed and Steve then created a project timeline, assembled the pieces, handled all the details, was stunningly easy to work with and executed the plan in stellar fashion. He made the process seem effortless.


On day one, the crew showed up on time, were courteous to and showed concern for the impact of the project on our neighbors, were all in good spirits, ready to tackle the job, and were simply outstanding in every respect. From start to finish we couldn’t have asked for a better crew. They made our project theirs and took the time and care to insure that all of the details turned out right. The follow-up after the project was finished was excellent. Steve was more than gracious in making sure that any loose ends were tied up and any problems were resolved as quickly as possible.


Our project turned out way better than we expected, and it still doesn’t feel like we’re in the right house. Our initial concerns and apprehensions proved groundless, and the moral of our story is…forget all the horror stories you’ve heard about remodeling a kitchen, imagine the kitchen of your dreams, call Harvest Construction LLC, and once they have made the magic happen and your dream comes true (in just days), you’ll never imagine doing it any other way again. Don’t believe me? I double-dog dare’ya to call Harvest Construction.


—Dave Traweek


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I don't know how to adequately express my gratitude for the work you and your crew did when remodeling our kitchen. I am so grateful that my wife and I met you at the home remodeling show in Portland. I must say, I was a bit hesitant at first because I have not had good experiences working with contractors in the past. But, after meeting with you and hearing your plan for our kitchen, I gained a high level of confidence. Harvest Construction not only came through on every promise made, you exceeded our expectations and finished the job ahead of schedule.


On the first day of demo work to our old kitchen, you encountered unforeseen challenges that cost you extra time and money. You also found some inadequate construction practices and hardware that was wrong from the beginning in our 20 year old house.  You and your crew fixed ALL of that without charging us one additional dollar.  Amazing!


You promised to complete this floor to ceiling remodel in five days. Frankly, I thought that was impossible (based upon my experience with previous contractors). Half way through the project, we asked if you could replace the front door, back door, and the sliding door on the house. Plus, we asked you to knock out a window and install a second sliding glass door. You said no problem!. You and your crew did ALL of this, plus repainted the back side of the house where the new sliding glass door went in, and still finished the five day job in four and one half days! Amazing!


It has now been a year and we have not had one issue. Nothing! Not one thing has gone wrong, nor have we had to call you back for any warranty issues. Its perfect and my wife loves her new kitchen. In fact, we are now saving to have Harvest Construction come back to remodel our bathroom! The workmanship and craftsmanship of you and your crew is outstanding and we can't wait to hire you again.


Our sincere thanks for a job well done. We wish you much success!


Don & Lauri Williams